Biden confused Obama with Trump and declared a “Freudian reservation”

US President Joe Biden made a slip of the tongue during his speech in Pennsylvania and confused former head of state Barack Obama with another American leader Donald Trump. The event was broadcast by the C-SPAN TV channel.

Biden, talking about the crisis of the automotive industry in 2009, said that “then-President Trump” instructed him to deal with this problem. After the misunderstanding, the American leader apologized and noted that it was a “Freudian slip”. Biden explained that when he was vice president, Obama was the head of state.

Earlier, during his press conference following talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the US president made a slip of the tongue and almost called Putin by the name of his predecessor — the 45th US President Donald Trump. At the very beginning of his speech to the media, Biden said that he had carefully watched the speech of the Russian leader, but he almost called Trump’s last name.